NO November

Do you have a bad habit you need to break? Maybe you’ve been eating a little too much junk recently like me! Maybe you have developed a habit picking your nails or yelling at your kids. Maybe you spend a little too much money on some extra convenience that you don’t really need. Take a moment and really evaluate your daily routines and habits. If you happen to stop and ponder over one or maybe a few and you question their necessity in your everyday life you should join us for NO November!

NO November is a month long challenge for you to spot check a habit or something that is hindering you from living you best life in some way, shape, or form and just say NO to it!

I know, I know November already started though. It’s not too late. Everyone loves to start fresh on a Monday. How about you take this weekend to really evaluate some of your routine habits and pick something where you just need to say NO. Check back with me on Monday, let’s tackle this together. You are not alone and you can do anything!

For the month of November I am saying NO to junky foods and drinks. I have a problematic relationship with foods and drinks. I am addressing that relationship and focusing on fueling my body with healthier whole food options. It will be a struggle, I’m sure of that, but I want to see how much I can change my relationship with food for the better by taking the crap out and letting all the good in.

xo Nikki

Join us! Say NO this November to whatever it is that is keeping you from living your best life!


7 thoughts on “NO November

  1. nikki6791

    This month I am saying no to “junk food”! It’s a huge undertaking and heck yeah it is a bit overwhelming at times. One week into this challenge and I can proudly say that I am sticking with it and kicking butt so far! Some days are tough, but discipline and literally just saying no is keeping me in line. I find that meal planning and prepping really helps me, I am a planner by nature. It just makes sense to me to have everything prepped and ready that way there is no guesswork and less wiggle room when hunger strikes. I have my snacks pre-portioned and planned and planned dinners prepped that become lunches too. This week I have noticed that I am craving less junky foods organically, it’s almost an out of sight out of mind type of experience for me. I also don’t feel as puffy and bloated and my skin seems a little more clear and smooth! I also started paying more attention while I’m eating to when I start to feel fullness coming on and when that feeling pops up I stop eating. This helps me keep from overeating and allows me to consume what I actually need to fuel my body best. I’ve been drinking all the water this week too and I realized how dehydrated I actually was. 1/4 down and kicking butt. I am really excited for some additional benefits to pop up the next few weeks and to share them with you! Now, how are you doing? Are you feeling strong and capable? Are you finding insights about your habits and yourself? Are you struggling? I think that sometimes just checking in and holding yourself accountable can be a big motivator. Take a minute and check in with us here!

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  2. Hey guys! Last month I did a Stoptober challenge where I stopped drinking wine. I was using wine as a way to cope with my stress and anxiety. This was not a good habit! So I cut it out. I decided to follow my no drinking wine into November for NO November because I’m still working on trying to cope with my stress and anxiety.

    But before I even decided to do NO November…mid Stoptober, I decided that I would have a celebratory glass of wine at this big event in early November called Baconfest! Baconfest was this past weekend and I did have my celebratory glass of wine. It may seem like breaking the rules, but that reward glass of wine was really important to me so that I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of the things I enjoy. This is a fine line for me because I also don’t want to fall back into bad habits.

    I told myself during Stoptober that I could have a glass of wine at that event as a reward for completing Stoptober. And since I was alcohol free the entire month, I allowed myself to have a drink at my designated event. Now I will continue with NO November and no wine. I set another reward glass of wine for New Years Eve. My goal is to go without until then. This way I’m using wine as a celebratory reward only and not as temporary relief from my problems every night. I’m still working on finding other ways to deal with my stress and anxiety. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve been struggling to find something else to do that eases these emotions. So far I’ve learned that sometimes we just need to sit in our discomfort until it passes. As annoying and uncomfortable as that is, sometimes that’s all we can do.

    What are you saying NO to this month? How’s it going? Let us know! Check in with us by leaving a comment. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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    • nikki6791

      I absolutely LOVE this and you! So so proud of you. Also, I really feel like deprivation leads to binges. The fact that you intentionally and gracefully allowed yourself to enjoy a pre-determined indulgence is just awesome. It allows you to keep your focus where you need it while still treating yourself to something you enjoy. I personally believe intention is one of the biggest keys for both of us! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the month plays out 🤩

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  3. nikki6791

    Guys. This morning I was faced with a seriously tough decision. Someone brought these really yummy looking cookies to the office. Not only were these cookies really yummy looking, but they were also hand. dipped. in. chocolate! As you know, my No November is No Junk Food. I caught myself really struggling to say no and encountering outside influences to “just have one”. I was so torn. I literally said “I dont know what to do”! The truth is though I did know what to do, I just did not like it. Sometimes temptation is so tough, but we are tough too! Remember why you are saying no in the first place, remind yourself how far you’ve come already! Don’t let yourself down this time and just see what can happen! You can do it!

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    • So true!! Sometimes craving is an issue for me! I was reading a book on cravings a while ago and one of the tips was to wait it out because the craving will actually go away within 15 minutes or so. Another tip was to tell yourself that you will eat it later and chances are that you will forget about it once the craving passes.

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      • nikki6791

        Oh girl those are such good tips and tricks, I love it! These were in the kitchen literally right next to the water cooler too. Every time I filled my water they were right in my face, ah! Tomorrow there is going to be bagels and donuts too UGH!

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