“Woah! We’re Halfway There!” -JBJ

Hey you guys, we are MORE THAN HALFWAY through No November!

We feel like the first couple weeks are usually the easiest when breaking bad habits and building new ones and we know from our own experiences that the halfway point is where things can get a little hairy. At this point the exciting new-ness has worn off and it can be kind of a bummer. It seems harder now to stick to your intentions and you may be a struggling, it is okay!

We believe the halfway point is where some of most pivotal moments can occur too!

Believe in yourself. Remind yourself WHY you started this in the first place. Take a moment to reflect on how much progress you have made in just a couple of weeks! Breaking bad habits and building healthy, positive habits is no easy feat, but look at you doing the things! You’ve said NO consistently and intentionally for over 2 weeks already. BE PROUD! Give yourself some kudos!

We want to know how you are doing so far! Have you had any wake up calls? Are you riding the struggle bus? Are you totally slaying the game? Comment with your updates here! We are in this together you guys!

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