How to Create a Meal Plan

We believe that a meal plan is key if you want to stick to a healthy diet or if you have a tight budget that you need to stick to. But how does one meal plan you ask? Let us share with you some tips on successful meal planning.

  • First, decide on how much you can spend on groceries.
  • Then, decide on what meals you are going make for the upcoming week.
  • Not sure what to make? Pinterest is a great tool for ideas and recipes.
  • Write down your grocery list or use a grocery store app to create your list.
    • Shop Rite and Walmart both have apps that were designed for grocery pick up but they are actually a great tool in calculating your grocery total so you know you won’t go over budget!
  • Choose a day and time that will work best with your schedule for food prepping. You’ll want to set aside a few hours as it may take that long depending on what you are making.
  • Choose a day and time before your food prep day to go grocery shopping.
  • Never go grocery shopping hungry…unless you want to throw your list out the window or you have an iron will.
  • When food prep day arrives, do the thang, make the noms!

Other Food Prep Tips:

Food prepping in bulk is a good option if you get bored with the same old, same old every day. For example, cook a batch of quinoa or rice to have on hand throughout the week. Then, when it comes time to cook whatever meat you are making for dinner, you can just heat up the quinoa or rice.  Easy peasy!

Don’t have time to make fresh veggies? Or maybe the kind you like are out of season? Try frozen, they are just as good because they are generally frozen at the peak of freshness while in season. They’re also super easy to pop in the microwave as most come in microwave steam-able bags.

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