Everything Bagel Seasoning

I love everything bagels with cream cheese. But they aren’t very healthy.  They’re packed full of empty carbs and really don’t have much nutritional value. I wanted to be able to enjoy the taste of an Everything Bagel but enjoy some nutrition at the same time. So I came up with Everything Bagel Toast!

I use sprouted whole grain bread, everything bagel seasoning, and goat cheese to recreate all the yummy-ness of an Everything Bagel. If you have issues with gluten you can use gluten free bread instead but I find that sprouted grain bread doesn’t affect my digestion the way regular whole grain bread does. I use Ezekiel sprouted whole grain bread. It’s found in the frozen food section and contains NO preservatives, is GMO free, and has far fewer ingredients than other breads on the market.

I use spreadable goat cheese to replace cream cheese and seriously it tastes so much better than cream cheese. Cream cheese now tastes bland to me.

Fun Fact: Cheese made from goat’s milk has slightly less lactose than cheese made from cow’s milk. This may make it easier to digest but it’s debatable and depends on the person. I find that I’m okay with goat’s milk products and not with cow’s milk products. I’m also NOT lactose intolerant. Also, goat’s milk products may be easier to digest because the fat molecules are small where as in cow’s milk products the fat molecules are large.

The most important part of the Everything Bagel Toast is that you need the Everything Bagel Seasoning! Check out the recipe below.


Everything Bagel Seasoning | Makes a little more than 1 Cup

  • 4 Tbsp Dried Minced Garlic
  • 4 Tbsp Dried Minced Onion
  • 4 Tbsp Poppy Seeds
  • 4 Tbsp Toasted Sesame Seeds
  • 2 Tbsp & 2 Tsp Coarse Sea Salt

Instructions: Mix all spices together. Store in an airtight container.

Once you’ve made yourself a batch of the Everything Bagel Seasoning, you’re ready to put it on EVERYTHING! I like putting it in eggs, rice, oatmeal, etc. My favorite thing to do with it is to recreate a healthy version of the Everything Bagel. Check out my Everything Bagel Toast recipe below!

Everything Bagel Toast | Servings 1

  • 1 Slice Sprouted Grain Bread (or Gluten Free Bread)
  • 2 Tbsp Spreadable Goat Cheese
  • Everything Bagel Seasoning to Taste

Instructions: Toast the bread. Spread goat cheese on the bread. Sprinkle with Everything Bagel Seasoning. Enjoy!

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