New Year, Better You!

Do you usually make a New Years Resolution or two? Maybe you set a new goal or decide to adopt a new hobby, or finally take a stand against some bad habit you’ve been meaning to break. Regardless of the specifics the New Year almost always seems to spark something in most of us. If you’re anything like me then that spark also may fade pretty easily after a few weeks or so.

Sticking with it is so much easier said than done. So, to help you find what works best for you to keep you on track to slay all day almost every day check out what has worked for us!

First things first. List all the stuff and things you want to do or change.

Once you acknowledge the different areas that you want see something new try to prioritize what may be the most important to you or something that may bring you the most joy.

After you prioritize your list, pick O N E thing to start with. Yes, one! Sometimes when we pile our plate so full of all these awesome goals and changes that plate gets a bit heavy. You know what happens. It’s overwhelming and then you give up little by little or all at once.

We’ve also found that one of the key factors to sticking to your new habits is your S K I L L S! Yep, you read that right. It takes skills to create a new habit. It takes skills for that new habits to eventually become routine. It takes skills to add a second new habit after you’ve mastered the first. Take a few moments to think about what skills you need to start and follow through with a new habit. Once you’ve got the skillset figured out you’ve got to determine how to sharpen those skills! We can help with that too 😉 Let us know in the comments what skills you may need to sharpen and let’s brainstorm some options to help!

Anything is possible, people.

Start small.

Stay accountable.

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