Progress…NOT Perfection

We are 2/3 of the way into our first month of this new year! We want to take this opportunity to tell you all we are proud of you, you are slaying the game, you are doing it, whatever it is to you.

Let me be the first to tell you I’ve started off so strong! I have been exercising and eating healthy and kicking the crap out of this new year. Until I wasn’t. It’s usually around the 3 week mark that my spark fades and I start slipping into old habits. I’ll bet these old habits I’m talking about may sound a little familiar to you too. Typically it starts when I need to rest a little extra. I will take a little break and then stop making the time to exercise. That is usually the first warning sign, for me at least. Then, I stop meal prepping and start ordering out, I am careless with my snacks, and gosh you know I am hitting that snooze button and now I’m avoiding that treadmill as if it’s the plague!

Here’s the thing though, previously this would happen and I would just roll with it. I would cascade so deep into a dark winter depression. I would succumb to all the negativity swirling through my head and start believing all those old familiar stories my “bad brain” would tell me, all those stories that I am working really hard to re-write.

I bet you’ll notice I said previously back there, or maybe you didn’t. That’s right, PREVIOUSLY! Nowadays, I notice when I start slipping because I’ve been practicing being mindful with my attitude and actions. Nowadays, I evaluate the circumstances that are causing me to slip and react accordingly. Regardless of whatever the cause may be though I am practicing giving myself some dang grace. I’m learning to treat me the way I would treat you if you came to me and said you were struggling to show up for yourself. I really feel like this is something we all need to practice a little more.

If there is a legitimate reason behind me not showing up as strong as I hope then alright, that is okay. I will arrange my schedule and attitude so that I can do what I can with what I’ve got. For example, maybe I got sick so exercising has been put on hold. That’s okay, I just need to make sure to get plenty of rest and eat clean to stay balance and track. When one thing must be put on hold its important to keep the other habits going strong so you don’t lose your mindset or momentum.

On the flip side! Let’s say I’ve noticed myself feeling a little blah and lacking some drive, this is what usually happens. I’ve probably been feeling a little blah and not really pushing myself to exercise or sticking with my little daily habits like journaling. Maybe I’m getting a little lax with prepping food and cooking. I’m being more mindful, so I am noticing this happen. Since I’m noticing this I’m able to confront it. I can sit myself down and have a little reality check pep talk. I can make a plan to slowly get back into my better habits so I don’t overwhelm myself trying to do it all at once or make up for lost time. Easing back into my intentions will help me get my spark ignited again.

I may not be able to keep my spark lit at all times, but is anyone really?? I really believe that a key component to everlasting change is a progress, not perfection mindset. Through my practice I have been able to learn my triggers and warning signs and how to look out for them. I have been able to understand how to treat myself better and with more love and respect. Had I been striving for perfection constantly I’ll bet I would be way worse than where I started. I’d be so unhappy and have no confidence that I could grow and evolve. Practicing little improvements and progress has allowed me to set goals and see I can reach them. It has given me confidence in myself. Working for progress allows me to look back and reflect at how much progress I’ve actually made too! I can see what works and what doesn’t work for me personally. Most importantly, I can share it all with you!

Comment below and share some of your victories and your progress! Let us know if you want some guidance in practicing progress over perfection, we are here for you! We want to know how you work for progress instead of perfection!

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