“Just Keep Swimming” ~ Dory, Finding Nemo

February starts TOMORROW! Can you believe it? We are already a whole month into this new year, 1 of 12 down and only 11 to go! I’m not sure about you, but January felt like it last approximately 3 years for me. I feel like this is partly because halfway into the month I let most of myself go for about 10 days… oops.

This is not a post about me letting myself go for nearly two weeks though. Complaining and re-hashing old crap only leads to the same old negative icky feelings resurfacing. Who the heck wants that?! No one!

Today I’m here to tell you that even when you fall off track, feel uninspired, lack motivation, or whatever else you have to keep going. You have to keep moving. Newton’s Law of Motion says it best: essentially, a body at rest stays at rest; a body in motion stays in motion. I truly feel like this principal applies not only to physical movement, but also habits…my favorite things 😍😁

So, I mentioned I let some of myself go earlier this month. I basically stopped exercising, stopped journaling, and ate a little more unhealthy foods than I strive to typically eat. Here’s the thing though, I still kept up with some of my other habits. I still did my 5 minute journal every morning, I still tracked my stuff, I still got my clothes out and lunches ready for the next day before bed most days. I still tried to find some time to read here and there.

I truly believe that me keeping up with some of my habits is what has made it easier for me to transition back to keeping up with most of my habits. This last week I’ve been reading, journaling, exercising, tracking, stretching, meditating, all the things most of the days! I really feel like if I hadn’t put some effort into keeping going and just let everything fall by the wayside my 10 days would have turned into 10 weeks of miserably spiraling down and out.

They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I’m here to tell you that you are tough. You can and you will keep going if you chose to do so. Even when its hard find one or two things you can do each and every day to help the momentum you’ve built from halting to a dead stop. You can manage making your bed every day, or taking an extra moment before you leave the house to tell yourself it’s going to be okay or it’s going to be good day. You have time find a simple reason to smile for a second. You can take a few deep breaths. Take that 2 minutes every day for yourself. You owe it to yourself to have 2 freaking minutes to do something for you that will allow you to keep swimming.

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