MORE March

March feels like a better time to start the new year. It’s finally warming up, the snow and ice is melting, and if you’re lucky grass may be green! Not to mention, January and February were kind of a doozey. Heck, even the first couple weeks of March had a little bit of a doozey vibe too, but its finally dissipating.

We declare March “MORE March”. Let’s take this month to focus on what we all need a little more of in our own lives. This could be anything from water and veggies to downtime or play time. This can also change from week to week, heck it can change from day to day, and that is okay!

We challenge you to check in with yourself, do a little assessment and see what it is that you need a little more of in your life. Find out if you need some more water and make it a goal to drink an extra cup of water a day. Check in with yourself each day or week, see what you need more of and see if you’re sticking to adding a little more of that each day.

Don’t forget we are here to help. Check in with us on the Facebook Group to share what you need, how you’re adding that in daily, or to chit chat about some ideas to help you figure it all out!

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