Ah, April!

“Ah, April”. Here we come! The first few months of this year have been tough for both of us for our own reasons. We’ve been struggling, but pushing through for the most part. We have not been thriving as our best selves though. It’s been a dark, heavy, tough start to this year. The sun must rise to shine again though.

Let’s all take a deep breath or two and relax into “Ah, April”! Its a new month, and that means a new challenge, a new opportunity. This new month also begins on a Monday too! Could the stars align even more for a fresh start?!

We are particularly excited that the first day of this new month is April Fools Day! It is such a light, airy, and playful reminder to make time for more fun and play. Not everything needs to be so serious and strict all the dang time. Breathe and relax a bit!

“Ah, April”… Here we are. Join us this month for a fresh, relaxed dive into some healthier habits that will bring about a happier you!

This month we commit to and challenge you to take a relaxed approach into bringing some positive change to your daily life. Follow along this month in our Facebook Group to see our progress and share your own! You can also share with us here through comments as well. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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