“WOAH! I Feel Good” ~ THE James Brown

GUYS! It’s February! I’m not sure about you, but I usually tend to hitch a long ride to nowhere on the struggle bus during the month of February. SO! To help try and combat that for me and for you we are running our monthly challenge this month as FEEL GOOD FEBRUARY!

Feel Good February is all about increasing our awareness of what makes us feel good inside and out and then simply doing more of that!

February is always really hard for me. The holidays have passed, all the fun excitement of the new year has faded. It’s dark and it’s cold. Frick February, right?! Instead of succumbing to the usual February Shame Spiral why not focus on lifting ourselves and others?

Why not remember what the warm sun feels like as it dances across your face?

Why not compliment a stranger?

Why not lend a helping hand to a friend or neighbor?

Why not remind yourself of the sweet tickle of grass between your toes?

Why not get your blood flowing with some movement?

Why not express your creativity?

There are so many little things we can do regularly that will help us feel good. It’s so easy to get caught up in the dreary ick of February, but anything worth having or doing doesn’t come easy.

Challenge yourself. Push yourself. Improve yourself.

Tell us one thing you can do regularly that will help you feel good! We DOUBLE DOG DARE YA to do it most days this month.

Check in with us here, on our Facebook Page, or in our Facebook Group!

We want to hear from you, learn from you, share with you, and grow with you! xo

“Just Keep Swimming” ~ Dory, Finding Nemo

February starts TOMORROW! Can you believe it? We are already a whole month into this new year, 1 of 12 down and only 11 to go! I’m not sure about you, but January felt like it last approximately 3 years for me. I feel like this is partly because halfway into the month I let most of myself go for about 10 days… oops.

This is not a post about me letting myself go for nearly two weeks though. Complaining and re-hashing old crap only leads to the same old negative icky feelings resurfacing. Who the heck wants that?! No one!

Today I’m here to tell you that even when you fall off track, feel uninspired, lack motivation, or whatever else you have to keep going. You have to keep moving. Newton’s Law of Motion says it best: essentially, a body at rest stays at rest; a body in motion stays in motion. I truly feel like this principal applies not only to physical movement, but also habits…my favorite things 😍😁

So, I mentioned I let some of myself go earlier this month. I basically stopped exercising, stopped journaling, and ate a little more unhealthy foods than I strive to typically eat. Here’s the thing though, I still kept up with some of my other habits. I still did my 5 minute journal every morning, I still tracked my stuff, I still got my clothes out and lunches ready for the next day before bed most days. I still tried to find some time to read here and there.

I truly believe that me keeping up with some of my habits is what has made it easier for me to transition back to keeping up with most of my habits. This last week I’ve been reading, journaling, exercising, tracking, stretching, meditating, all the things most of the days! I really feel like if I hadn’t put some effort into keeping going and just let everything fall by the wayside my 10 days would have turned into 10 weeks of miserably spiraling down and out.

They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I’m here to tell you that you are tough. You can and you will keep going if you chose to do so. Even when its hard find one or two things you can do each and every day to help the momentum you’ve built from halting to a dead stop. You can manage making your bed every day, or taking an extra moment before you leave the house to tell yourself it’s going to be okay or it’s going to be good day. You have time find a simple reason to smile for a second. You can take a few deep breaths. Take that 2 minutes every day for yourself. You owe it to yourself to have 2 freaking minutes to do something for you that will allow you to keep swimming.

Progress…NOT Perfection

We are 2/3 of the way into our first month of this new year! We want to take this opportunity to tell you all we are proud of you, you are slaying the game, you are doing it, whatever it is to you.

Let me be the first to tell you I’ve started off so strong! I have been exercising and eating healthy and kicking the crap out of this new year. Until I wasn’t. It’s usually around the 3 week mark that my spark fades and I start slipping into old habits. I’ll bet these old habits I’m talking about may sound a little familiar to you too. Typically it starts when I need to rest a little extra. I will take a little break and then stop making the time to exercise. That is usually the first warning sign, for me at least. Then, I stop meal prepping and start ordering out, I am careless with my snacks, and gosh you know I am hitting that snooze button and now I’m avoiding that treadmill as if it’s the plague!

Here’s the thing though, previously this would happen and I would just roll with it. I would cascade so deep into a dark winter depression. I would succumb to all the negativity swirling through my head and start believing all those old familiar stories my “bad brain” would tell me, all those stories that I am working really hard to re-write.

I bet you’ll notice I said previously back there, or maybe you didn’t. That’s right, PREVIOUSLY! Nowadays, I notice when I start slipping because I’ve been practicing being mindful with my attitude and actions. Nowadays, I evaluate the circumstances that are causing me to slip and react accordingly. Regardless of whatever the cause may be though I am practicing giving myself some dang grace. I’m learning to treat me the way I would treat you if you came to me and said you were struggling to show up for yourself. I really feel like this is something we all need to practice a little more.

If there is a legitimate reason behind me not showing up as strong as I hope then alright, that is okay. I will arrange my schedule and attitude so that I can do what I can with what I’ve got. For example, maybe I got sick so exercising has been put on hold. That’s okay, I just need to make sure to get plenty of rest and eat clean to stay balance and track. When one thing must be put on hold its important to keep the other habits going strong so you don’t lose your mindset or momentum.

On the flip side! Let’s say I’ve noticed myself feeling a little blah and lacking some drive, this is what usually happens. I’ve probably been feeling a little blah and not really pushing myself to exercise or sticking with my little daily habits like journaling. Maybe I’m getting a little lax with prepping food and cooking. I’m being more mindful, so I am noticing this happen. Since I’m noticing this I’m able to confront it. I can sit myself down and have a little reality check pep talk. I can make a plan to slowly get back into my better habits so I don’t overwhelm myself trying to do it all at once or make up for lost time. Easing back into my intentions will help me get my spark ignited again.

I may not be able to keep my spark lit at all times, but is anyone really?? I really believe that a key component to everlasting change is a progress, not perfection mindset. Through my practice I have been able to learn my triggers and warning signs and how to look out for them. I have been able to understand how to treat myself better and with more love and respect. Had I been striving for perfection constantly I’ll bet I would be way worse than where I started. I’d be so unhappy and have no confidence that I could grow and evolve. Practicing little improvements and progress has allowed me to set goals and see I can reach them. It has given me confidence in myself. Working for progress allows me to look back and reflect at how much progress I’ve actually made too! I can see what works and what doesn’t work for me personally. Most importantly, I can share it all with you!

Comment below and share some of your victories and your progress! Let us know if you want some guidance in practicing progress over perfection, we are here for you! We want to know how you work for progress instead of perfection!

Check out our Facebook page here and join our group to learn more and get in on our conversation 😊

A Cool Compassion Trick!

Have you ever been annoyed by someone tailgating you? Do you have a coworker that you struggle to get along with? Is one of your friends or family members just driving you crazy lately?

I bet there are some people in your every day life that cause some unnecessary irritation. These people could be anyone from strangers, relatives, friends, acquaintances, and even coworkers.

One way to beat that almost incessant feeling of annoyance is by practicing compassion towards that person. I know, I know, sometimes it can be really hard to try and focus compassion on someone that is driving you up a dang wall! I’ve been there. I’ve been that crazy driver screaming at all the people around me as I rush on my way to work. I have gotten super snippy and annoyed with people at work or friends and family that think different or act different than I would. We’ve all been there.

These kind of outbreaks though very rarely ever serve any genuinely good purpose. All they do is tend to make us even more irritated! This is where compassion comes in. Compassion towards others instead allows us to find our own peace and maintain our own joy!

Like I said before, I know it can be super hard to try and practice compassion. So! I have come up with a nifty little trick that personally helped me manage a whole weeks worth of commuting without losing it on some random driver!

Here’s the trick! Make up a story about that person irritating you. It can he anything that tugs on your heart strings just a bit. The goal is to pull you out of the irritated annoyance thought pattern and into a more positive compassionate thought instead. Honestly, who cares if what you have to tell yourself isn’t true. The purpose of this exercise to help you create and maintain your own peace. If that means making up a story about the lady behind you driving too close to your bumper, then so be it. Maybe she’s late for a big meeting, just like you were last week! Maybe she spilled some coffee on her favorite shirt and had to change last minute. Maybe her grandchild is about to come into this world. Maybe her dog or cat is suffering and she needs to get to a vet. Who knows and who cares. That made up story will snap you out of your own anger and put you in a more relaxed and relatable state.

Once your more relaxed you’ll be on a better track to a better day. This may even help you build an eye and heart for compassion and it may become second nature to start seeing and believing in the goodness of the world. Who doesn’t want to live in a world like that?

Try out our trick and let us know in the comments if you find it beneficial! We cant wait to hear from you!

New Year, Better You!

Do you usually make a New Years Resolution or two? Maybe you set a new goal or decide to adopt a new hobby, or finally take a stand against some bad habit you’ve been meaning to break. Regardless of the specifics the New Year almost always seems to spark something in most of us. If you’re anything like me then that spark also may fade pretty easily after a few weeks or so.

Sticking with it is so much easier said than done. So, to help you find what works best for you to keep you on track to slay all day almost every day check out what has worked for us!

First things first. List all the stuff and things you want to do or change.

Once you acknowledge the different areas that you want see something new try to prioritize what may be the most important to you or something that may bring you the most joy.

After you prioritize your list, pick O N E thing to start with. Yes, one! Sometimes when we pile our plate so full of all these awesome goals and changes that plate gets a bit heavy. You know what happens. It’s overwhelming and then you give up little by little or all at once.

We’ve also found that one of the key factors to sticking to your new habits is your S K I L L S! Yep, you read that right. It takes skills to create a new habit. It takes skills for that new habits to eventually become routine. It takes skills to add a second new habit after you’ve mastered the first. Take a few moments to think about what skills you need to start and follow through with a new habit. Once you’ve got the skillset figured out you’ve got to determine how to sharpen those skills! We can help with that too πŸ˜‰ Let us know in the comments what skills you may need to sharpen and let’s brainstorm some options to help!

Anything is possible, people.

Start small.

Stay accountable.

Jump In January

Ah…a beautiful, untainted NEW YEAR! Isn’t it so refreshing to welcome a new beginning?

β˜† G O A L S β˜† D R E A M S β˜† P L A N S β˜†

β˜† A S P I R A T I O N S β˜† C H A N G E S β˜†

The cross roads of the end of one year and the start of a new year brings an opportunity to reflect on habits and behaviors, goals and accomplishments as well as a chance to dream up new inspiration for the year ahead!

β—‡ Are you dreaming of change in your life?

β—‡ Do you desire to live a more fulfilling life?

β—‡ Are you hoping to be more healthy?

So many of us view the start of the year as a fresh beginning and see January as a blank slate. So, why not Jump In this January with The Paleo Squirrel?

β—‡ Are you unsure of where or how to start?

β—‡ Do you struggle with staying on track?

JUMP IN with The Paleo Squirrel!

We are here to provide encouragement, motivation, guidance, and inspiration that we believe could help you identify and accomplish your goals and ultimately assist you in living the life you love!

We firmly believe that you have the ability to cultivate sustainable growth in your personal life. With a little ambition, curiosity, openness, and vulnerability we feel like it’s possible to break self imposed barriers, embrace potential, and live fully.

The Paleo Squirrel has created a FREE accountability challenge that offers support, motivation, and encouragment to anyone who wants to make some positive changes in their life and work through their journey along side some bad ass people!

Check out our Facebook page and join our Jump In January group to stay up to date with everything happening during this months challenge!

Compassion Starts Inside

Have you ever noticed that we are usually so much harder on ourselves than the people we care for and love? Let’s do a little experiment, shall we?

Step 1 β€’ Think back to the last time your best friend reached out to you because they were feeling down or having a tough time. Try to recall details that may have hinted to you how distressed this person really felt. Try to really call this scenario to mind and re-live it.

Step 2 β€’ Keep thinking and recall the way you spoke to this person and responded to their hard time. Think about the tone you had and the specific words that you said.

I bet that you were very kind and understanding towards your friend. Maybe you helped quell their fears or calm their nerves. You may have reassured them that everything is going to be okay, even if it doesn’t quite feel like it right now. Now, let’s dig a little deeper.

Step 3 β€’ Think back to the last time that you were feeling down or struggling. Try to call to mind the unpleasant and uncomfortable ick that uad you feeling so down in as much detail as you can.

Step outside your mind for a moment, seperate yourself from this exercise for this step.

Step 4 β€’ Take a physical inventory of your body. Are you tense? Maybr you are clenching your jaw, or your shoulders are up to your ears!

Step 5 β€’ Take a mental inventory. Are you getting a little edgy? Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Maybe you’re a little irritatable or upset.

Step 6 β€’ Compare these feelings you’re noticing to some of the indications of distress that your friend had portrayed when they confided in you because they were upset. I’ll bet they are probably pretty similar.

Let’s keep digging even deeper. Pop back into recalling the last time that you were distressed.

Step 7 β€’ Think back to how you spoke to yourself. Maybe you were harsh and judgemental. Maybe you distracted yoursel. Maybe you were angry and frustrated.

Step 8 β€’ Let’s go back and do some more comparing. I bet the way you spoke to and treated yourself was not even close to the way you had treated your friend back in Step 2.

Now, if you didn’t before I bet you see what I mean by how we are sometimes way harder on ourselves than we are on our loved ones.

If you are struggling right now try giving yourself the same grace you’d give to one of your best friends if they were going through a tough time. Change your inner dialogue to match that which you’d tell your friend.

We think one of the most effective ways to start this shift is to first recognize how you are actually talking to yourself. Be mindful when you’re upset. Our inner dialogues have become so routine over years that we don’t even realize what we are saying to ourselves or how our body holds tension.

We challenge you to take a few days and be truly mindful of how you talk to yourself. After a few days check in with yourself and even here the same way we did through our experiment above. Acknowledge how you’re talking to yourself. Challenge your inner dialogue with grace and compassion.

Check in with us here, let us know what you’ve discovered!

Do Something December!

β˜† Have you ever dreamed big of changing your whole life only to be overwhelmed about one or two weeks into your metamorphosis and basically just give up?

β˜† Are you nervous or afraid that you won’t be able to stick to your overall intentions?

β˜† Do you want to make some changes in your life but just don’t know where or how to start?

The Paleo Squirrel is here to help and provide accountability and feedback along the way!

We know that building healthy habits is hard work! It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a physical habit or a mental habit, re-wiring your typical thoughts and actions is no easy feat. We believe that if you break down your big goals to smaller, attainable, measurable actions that can be accounted for on a daily basis that you can obtain more long term success with implementing these new habits you want to build.

This is why we decided to do just that for our Do Something December challenge!

Guys. When you take small, measurable, positive steps towards building the daily routines and habits you desire every single day we really feel like it’ll set you up for long term success.

Join us for Do Something December! Our goal is to take one single action every single day throughout the month of December that will ultimately result in creating a building block foundation for implementing the strong, healthy habits we desire in our day to day lives!

This is a FREE accountability challenge that offers support, motivation, and encouragment to anyone who wants to make some positive changes in their life and work through their journey along side some bad ass people!

Join our Facebook Event for Do Something December to stay up to date, accountable and on track!


“Woah! We’re Halfway There!” -JBJ

Hey you guys, we are MORE THAN HALFWAY through No November!

We feel like the first couple weeks are usually the easiest when breaking bad habits and building new ones and we know from our own experiences that the halfway point is where things can get a little hairy. At this point the exciting new-ness has worn off and it can be kind of a bummer. It seems harder now to stick to your intentions and you may be a struggling, it is okay!

We believe the halfway point is where some of most pivotal moments can occur too!

Believe in yourself. Remind yourself WHY you started this in the first place. Take a moment to reflect on how much progress you have made in just a couple of weeks! Breaking bad habits and building healthy, positive habits is no easy feat, but look at you doing the things! You’ve said NO consistently and intentionally for over 2 weeks already. BE PROUD! Give yourself some kudos!

We want to know how you are doing so far! Have you had any wake up calls? Are you riding the struggle bus? Are you totally slaying the game? Comment with your updates here! We are in this together you guys!

Ask and You Shall Receive!

Hey guys! We are going to use this post as an initial Q & A type forum. We believe that there should be a safe place to ask any kind of questions you may have running through your mind. We will do our best to provide thoughtful and encouraging responses that we have found helpful in our own lives! Ask away!